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Elizabeth Brickell is a multidisciplinary artist based in South West Wales.

Elizabeth completed her Fine Art BA (Hons) in Bristol Poly (UWE) in 1983 followed by a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art in Cyprus. She settled to live in Carmarthenshire in 1988 where she continued to work as an Artist and a Tutor for Aberystwyth University. In 2010 she completed a Masters degree in Fine Art in Swansea Metropolitan University.

As a child, Elizabeth experienced a deep connection to the feel of certain objects and materials and her work has always been rooted in tactile sensibility. Memory, Place, occasion and loss are recurrent themes and much of her work references the fluctuation of human presence and absence. Processes such as deconstruction, casting, cyanotype printing and shifu are frequently employed.

 Much of her work starts from the intuitive process of creating imagined conversations between objects and paper, using thread as the conduit for thought. This has become her personal way of drawing. 

The complexity of the art of Elizabeth Brickell involves finely balanced dichotomies. Whether engaging with flatness or three dimensionality, her subtly crafted works emanate a quiet, poetic beauty that seems to transcend time and place. 

Dr Ceri Thomas  2011

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